Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Home Office Redo

Well, the day finally came when our cheap metal and wood laminate desk died.....and it's definitely the only time I've ever been happy about something dying! It gave me the opportunity to convince my hubby that we needed to finally get around to actually decorating our home office. A trip to ikea, goodwill and some homemade stenciling, made it into this:

I searched and searched my picture files for a before shot and apparently the room was so blah before that no one hardly ever took any pictures in there! Here's the only two I could find:


Here are some of my daughter's friends. It doesn't even look like an intentional shot!

I took this phot after completing the trellis wall. The desk on the left is the one that died. It was literally being propped up so that the legs would not collapse. Eww, look at all those yucky cords!

Basically the room was unfinished looking with unframed art and two mismatched desks with exposed wires underneath slapped side by side against the wall. Yeah, I know.

The first thing I tackled in the room was the walls. After seeing the beautiful and classy trellis wall that centsational girl painted in her master bedroom, I knew I had to try that. And so I did. :0)

I mostly followed her instructions. But, found it easier to skip the tracing step and just start painting directly on the wall. I started on the left side, working my way down until starting a new row.

I just love how the light reflects on it. 

After getting a heads up from Emily A. Clark on the great deal she got on these wedding signature frames at Ross, I was lucky enough to find them too at $8 each! I framed some of my sketches from a drawing class I took. 

I found these planters at Hobby Lobby for $3.50 each. The floral picture I found at Goodwill for $1.55!!
I already had the candelabra purchased at Pier One a few years ago and spray painted it silver. The lady statue was a gift from a friend who went to Spain. 

Instead of using a regular old mouse pad, I went with books. Dilbert fits right in with this office space. :0P

Chess pieces are from Hobby Lobby at a few dollars each. Boxes are from ikea. 

Gold vase was on clearance for $10 at Target, two ikea ribba white frames, "OH" letters were 50 cents at Goodwill. 

This monitor was shorter than the other. So, to give it some height, I used a shoe box I covered in wrapping paper. 

My old Target end table, painted white, is just right for the printer. 

Pretty paper wreath I made looks nice above the back door. 

Since this is such a small room, the expedit desk from ikea provided the right amount of space and just enough area for two people to work comfortably. 

And to break up the giant size of the fireplace, I used my Target coffee table, painted white, as a bench. Later on, I'd like to make a bench cushion for it. 

So there you have it. From a dead dud of a desk to a stylish and functional workspace. For very little $. 


  1. I saw your post on HGTV's rate my room. It was soo cute. Cant wait to see the rest of your blog. Kuddos on doing everything on a realistic budget.

  2. Thanks Dara! I'm slowly making my way through each room in my house so check back often. :0)

  3. where did you get those book ends that look like half eggs? so lovely :-)

  4. 2 questions. Is that the same paint brush the censational girl used? And did you pat or drag your brush`? I know sometimes if drag it will leak under the stencil. Just wondering because I really want to skip the tracing step too!

  5. It's not the same brush. I believe the one she used was a much skinnier brush than mine. And I kind of did a combination of the two (patted and dragged). Stenciling on a textured wall is hard! Because it's so easy for the paint to bleed through the crevices. And mine did bleed through. But, if it got too bad, the craft paint is super easy to wipe of with a damp rag/paper towel or scrubbing sponge. My wall is not perfect. There are places that I didn't clean up, but It's hardly noticeable and I like the effect. :0)

  6. your office is lovely! must be a nice space to spend time in. i've been thinking on and off about wall stencils...but i keep flashing back to girl scout projects of yore, when everything would bleed through and projects would be ruined...

  7. Yeah, as I mentioned in my other comment, textured walls can make it hard to stencil. But, the craft paint is easy to clean to fix mistakes and the texture actually "hides" some the bleeding so it's not super noticeable. ;0)


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