Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some of My Artwork and Crafts

Today, I thought I would share some art and crafts that I have made.
I really love paper art, so I decided to try paper quilling. It's a technique using strips of paper that are rolled up using a special tool and folding them into shapes, usually flowers.

(Side Note: See how the soft grey background in this shadow box really makes the colors in the paper quilling art pop? I'm thinking this might be a nice paint color for my daughter's bedroom.)

I made this for my son's bedroom. I bought a piece of canvas, painted it black, folded red card stock paper into paper planes, used a paint pen to draw the plane trails and hot glued the planes in place. Super easy!

Gotta love those infamous candy lips! I whipped up this for my daughter's room by searching online and finding as many "candy lips" as I could and printing them off. Then, I glued them onto a piece of canvas. Instant "Pop Art". I also did some other collages from thumbnail images found online for my daughter's room.

I was so inspired by some pretty wreaths I found on etsy, that I decided to make a similar one for myself. I wrapped tissue paper around a foam wreath. I used miniature pin wheels, scrapbook flower stickers, and traced and cut the bird, butterflies and bicycle. Check out this amazing wreath maker's blog here!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I found you on Pinterest, and your airplane artwork totally inspired me! Because of your wonderful idea, I made a similar project to decorate my son's room, and just did a blog post detailing it:

    Thanks again for such a neat idea! I'm a new follower!

  2. Oh wow! Thank you so much! Yours turned out fantastic! Love the colors and the composition. :0)

  3. I just saw your flowers and butterfly piece up top on Pinterest and oh, I think I might actually try quilling now. I've been interested in paper art for awhile, but haven't dipped my toes in yet.

    Where did you get your inspiration for it? Is there a tutorial or book somewhere that you'd recommend for a newbie who wants to try it out?



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