Thursday, May 12, 2011

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

I'm on a serious painting binge! My latest inspiration came from three different cottage-style kitchens: The Lettered Cottage, The Empty Nest and The Handmade Home. I'm in love with the modern cottage look in kitchens. The whiter the better with pops of bright colors. I consider this "phase 1" of my kitchen. It's not quite there yet but getting closer one project at a time and pennies permitting. :0)

Here's what I've done so far:

Leaving the doors off certain cabinets allows me to display items and add to the cottage kitchen feel. I will be painting the backs Martha Stewart's "enamelware" and adding bead board over the tile back splash. 

Here's some befores with rusty red walls and tacky oak cabinets:

Even with windows, it's so dark isn't it?

Can you believe I painted all those cabinets by myself? 

It's amazing what paint can do:

So much brighter!

I glued corbels, with liquid nails, to the island and plan on doing the same under the cabinets after installing the bead board over the back splash. The chairs helped keep everything in place while the glue hardened.

Paint colors used:

1 Gal. of Glidden Latex Primer

1 Gal. of Behr "Ivory Mist" paint and primer used on cabinets

1 Gal. of Behr "Dolphin Fin" paint and primer used on the walls

2 Quarts of Behr "French Roast" oil based paint and primer used on the island and corbels

In case you're also interested, I bought the corbels at Home Depot. The baskets in the cabinets and the light fixture above the table are from Ikea.

That's it for now. The next phase will be attempting to install the bead board over the tile and capping the ends with trim and gluing corbels to the upper cabinets. Oh, and paint a final third coat on the white cabinets and the bead board, and touching up the paint on the island. Am I in over my head or what? LOL It might take me months, but I'll get there. 

Suzy :0)


  1. They look fantastic - did you sand the cabinets before you primed them? Ours, like yours, have a varnish like coating on them. Wondering how the paint will adhere. Thanks!

  2. Thank You! Yes, I did give everything a light sanding. Probably the most time consuming and grueling of the process, not to mention messy,but it had to be done. Mine were grimey, so I don't think I could have gotten away with skipping this step. They're holding up very nicely. :0)

  3. Great job, love the colors! Found you off The Handmade Home's blog and becoming a new follower. :)


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