Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ikea Ottava Hack

Hi there! I hope you had a great Halloween. I love it, but I'm glad to have the house look "normal" again and not like an abandoned haunted house of horrors! 

I've been busy on the kitchen again. This time I changed out the can light over my sink and installed the Ikea Ottava. It looks great with the modern cottage feel. Once again, I turned to a few of my favorite bloggers for guidance, The Lettered CottageIsabella and Max Rooms and The House Of Smiths

Since I had a can light above the sink, I used the Hampton Bay Recessed Light Adapter just like Janell and Shelley. It was somewhat hard trying to figure out how to attach the screws with the spring clip things to the inside of the can. After that, it was a snap. I didn't have to cut the cord to shorten it like Layla and Shelley did. I simply tucked it into the ceiling cap along with the capped wires. I used a 10 inch ceiling medallion to hide the adapter and give it a finished look.

It looked great. But, there was a problem. When the light was on, the bulb was too bright. I kept seeing spots every time I went into the kitchen. LOL So, I remembered reading what Layla did to soften the light. She sprayed the glass cover with a frosting effect. Brilliant! It was so easy and effective. Just a couple of coats and it dried fast too.

Ahh, much better! I was also playing around with the idea of spray painting it a dark bronze color for a little more contrast. What do you think? 


  1. I have oak cabinets that I am planning on painting white as well. I don't have as many cabinets as you do so I probably won't take off any of my doors, I wish I had the space, but I don't. But my question for you is did you paint the inside of your cabinets on the ones you left the doors on? I can't figure out if I should paint it or not because I am worried when I put stuff in my cabinets and slide things across them that they will scratch. Or is that not the case?

  2. I did paint the inside shelves of the two doors in the corner near the coffee maker. But, only because I left the doors off beside each of them. I didn't paint the inside of the two sets of smaller cabinet doors (or any of the below cabinets) above the microwave and refrigerator. Only because they aren't opened much and I got lazy! I still need to paint the inside of all the doors, again laziness. LOL As far as fear of scratches, over time they will probably get a little scuffed up if you paint them. I'm already noticing a few scratches from the baskets being moved. But, you could put down a neat looking patterned contact/shelf paper or just touch them up with paint as needed. Hope that helps. :0)


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