Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Cakes

May is a busy birthday fest in our family. My youngest daughter's birthday is at the beginning of May and my son and dad's birthdays are at the end of May! Then a week into June comes my sister-in-law, niece and husband's birthday! Phew...

Sooo, I thought I would share my youngest daughter and son's cakes that I made myself.

As if a rainbow of skittles wasn't colorful enough!

It was a hit with the kids and the adults. I made the butter cream icing from a box mix by Wilton. YUMMY. It wasn't too sweet, just right. 

The cake almost slopped off the plate. I needed help and fast! Good thing the Lego Dudes came to the rescue! LOL 

I found these cool Lego candies and used real Lego dudes. The inside layers were colored in primary colors.  I also used the same Wilton icing mix. MMM...MMM!

Suzy :0)


  1. Love your two cakes. I really love the lego's on the cake. It almost looks to real to eat.

  2. Thanks Dara! They were really fun to make. :0)


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