Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween, The Nightmare Party Aftermath

Wow, I am sooo worn out from this weekend. I hosted a Halloween party for my 3 kids with lots of help from my Mom and Sister-in-law. I could not have done it without them! The party was a hit and full of fun and laughter. Not scary at all. Until the next morning....The Aftermath from Hell! I love throwing parties for my kids but I always dread the nightmare of cleaning up afterward. Will my house ever be clean?

Enough whining! Here are some highlights from the party and trick or treating. Enjoy :0)

The chowdown begins. 

Care for a rotted finger?

Maybe some bloody eyeballs?

Freshly buried grave?

Fruit and chocolate. Yummm. 

Bobbing for apples!

Carving pumpkins. 

They turned out great!

Next night, trick or treating!

My oldest daughter on the right and her friend. They were nerds. 

Now onto planning Thanksgiving. I'm thankful that it will be at my parent's house and not mine!

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