Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reupholstered Thrift Store Chair

Finally getting around to posting this: 

Last fall, I scored these two chairs at my local Goodwill for $22 each! Their shape reminded me so much of the Crate and Barrel Chloe chairs I really loved. But not the $1000 price tag!

So, of course I saved a bundle making my own version. I bought the Dwell Studio Gate fabric in charcoal and used Molly's helpful reupholstering tutorial on her blog, formerly Creative Maven, now eenymeenyandmoe.

Let me just say that this was NOT, I repeat, NOT an easy project! I did not complete this in one day, more like a week and half!! I now have an extreme appreciation and respect for upholsterers. It took me hours just to take off the old fabric and remove most of the staples. My arms got a good workout. I spray painted the legs using oil rubbed bronze. It took me another week working a few hours a day cutting and sewing. If you are an experienced sewer, then it might not take as long. But, this was my second sewing project ever using a sewing machine! LOL

Was it worth the time and effort to save a few hundred dollars (that it would have cost) to have professionally done? Yes and no. My chair is not perfect. But, the mistakes aren't noticeable and it will never be heavily used in my bedroom. If I had planned on using them in my living room, then I would definitely invest in a professional job. Overall, I'm very proud of myself and I think it turned out pretty nice. The other chair still needs to be done. Not sure when I'll ever get around to that one. :0)

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