Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Master Bedroom....again.

Hey there! I added a tv armoire to my bedroom plus accessories:

I painted the armoire a beigey white, which was originally a dark stain wood look, and painted the tv tray turned-accent-table a creamy white. 

These boxes also got a fresh new look. They had wine bottles and wine glasses on them and I painted them white and used a homemade stencil in a chevron pattern. I think it really brings out the brass details. By the way, I'm loving this pattern right now (along with most of blog land)! Every time I see this pattern being used, whether it's on a pillow or a rug, I WANT it. LOL

Here's how everything looks on this side of the bedroom now:

It's coming along, one project at a time, and very little money spent. Next I'll be adding a sitting chair and accessories by the window. 

Suzy :0)


  1. I've loved poking around your blog and seeing all the wonderful spaces you're creating. I have a question for you - what kind of paint do you use (brand, finish, etc) for furniture? And does it hold up well in the summer when there are objects sitting on those horizontal painted surfaces? The reason I ask is that my house has a pair of lovely half-walls but I can't put anything on them because the paint feels a little sticky/soupy in the summer and things get stuck! And this was done by the previous owners, but I do know that it was a high-end professional painter so I'm a little surprised at the sticking issue.

    I'd love to hear your views on paint (same with kitchen cabinets - do you find that the paint is holding up well now that your cabinets are all refilled?). Thanks!

  2. I know you gave the paint details in the kitchen post, but I guess what I'm hoping you might be able to tell your readers is what you like and don't like about it when compared to the other brands which you might have used in other painting projects. THANKS!

    You know, I keep the kitchen post open in a tab on my laptop just so I can come over and gaze at it every few days!

  3. Hi Zibu! Thanks for your interest! I'm surprised I have any followers at all! LOL. To answer some of your questions: When I first applied the paint, it took a few weeks for the paint to lose it's stickiness. I had to be real careful and not put anything heavy on it until it was fully cured. Since I just used behr interior/exterior semi-gloss, it made me curious if there is a better paint to use for furniture or interior trim/baseboards/doors, etc. Apparently there is! Using water-based enamel paint is the way to go to avoid stickiness. The stickiness usually occurs with latex semi-gloss paint intended for use on walls, not trim and furniture. Hope that helps. So far so good, I'll be sure to let you know if I have any issues with my cabinets. Thanks!


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