Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Boys Room

I thought I would share some pics of my son's room. It's not completely done. (Are any of my rooms ever done?!) I started by asking my son what his favorite color is right now. He's really into green so I started by creating a color scheme around that. I found a great green pillow by DwellStudio at Target and that became my inspiration for the direction I took the room.

While browsing around, I found the "quilt" at the end of the bed in the clearance section for $10. I loved the pattern on it and thought it would be a great way to add some texture. Guess what? It's not a quilt at all! It's a rug!!! When I picked it up I realized this, but it was as soft and thick as a blanket. And, when it's spread out, it fits the bed nicely and keeps him extra warm on cold nights. :0)

 I handmade the airplane art. It was a VERY simple project. I bought a piece of canvas, some black craft paint in a flat finish, a white paint pen, and some red scrap booking paper. I gave the canvas a couple of coats of black paint with a cheap sponge brush. Then, while that was drying, I looked online and found instructions on how to fold paper airplanes. Then I arranged them on the canvas and drew my contrails with the white paint pen. Finally, I hot-glued the airplanes in place. It took me 20-30 min. The star, above the bed, was moved from the living area and spray painted in a nickel finish. 

My son loves natural science. He's a bug lover and dinosaur enthusiast. I decided to showcase his hobbies and create a frame collage. I cut out images from some of his books and made sure to choose the ones that did not have wording so he could still enjoy reading them. These were all "extra" images in the books anyways. Forgive me for not having perfectly level frames! I think to correct this problem, I'm going to use masking tape to fix them to the wall. I have a feeling all the jumping and banging that goes on in here is the cause of them always looking crooked. Here's a few close ups:

Now, at this point, you might be thinking, "There's not really much green going on here. It's more blue than anything!" ;0) I plan on painting the room a tan/khaki color with one wall in green. Oh, and I'm still debating on painting the bed rails white, black or grey. Not sure yet. 

As for the other side of  the room: 

I found this dresser on craigslist and painted it navy and bought new pulls for the drawers. The two pin boards are nothing more than pieces of canvas with fabric stapled to them. 

The aquarium houses a Pink Toe tarantula. (I told you he loves creepy crawlies) Santa gave him that for Christmas. Surprisingly, it has done wonders to ease my phobia of spiders. I know, right?! 

I found this cute lamp for $20 and this frame on clearance for $1.24! at Target. I still haven't put a picture in it yet. This little metal basket I found buried in my teen daughter's closet. I thought it might look cool to hold my son's rock and fossil collection. Later on, I'd like to display some them in a shadow box. 

That's it for now, another to-be-continued. I hope to have several rooms painted by summer. So, stay tuned! :0P


  1. Love this... can't wait to see the room with the new paint. I was looking at the dresser thinking, I wonder where she got that. It looks awesome. AND the you did it yourself...!! Amazing!


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